System for keeping access to buildings under control operates even during power failure

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Police businesses street pastors lower crime figures secure keeping access to areas or buildings under controlPolice have paid tribute to local businesses and the role of street pastors to lower crime figures even further in a city centre. As well as praising retailers for a fall in anti-social behaviour by 35% in Aberdeen, Grampian Police acknowledged the support “from the city council… through the taxi marshals and of course we are complemented greatly by the sterling efforts of our street pastors, which is one of the largest programmes of its kind in the United Kingdom."

An Access Control system from Access Control UK is a simple to use, highly secure way of tackling the problem of keeping access to areas or buildings under control. Each attempted access on a scanner is logged within the access control software allowing you to view and track employees’ movements across your site. In addition, the system (based on contactless smart cards) comes complete with advanced fail-safe features enabling your system to operate even during power failure or in an emergency situation.

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