T1481 access control scanner secures car parking

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Car theftsThose possessing expensive cars are advised to be on the alert because thieves are targeting them – BMW and Mercedes are especially sought after. There have been instances over the summer when burglars force entry into homes and grab the car keys before driving off. In the hot weather it is easy for any building, whether office or domestic, to have its security compromised by people leaving windows and doors wide open. Detectives are urging people to take simple steps to prevent the car thefts. They should make sure their property or site is secured, especially at night.

Access Control UK can give you car parking security satisfaction with the T1481 access control scanner, which is supplied ready to install and can operate across a cable or Ethernet network. The scanners, which are operated via quick-to-use smart cards, can also be mounted next to your barriers or turnstiles enabling you to quickly set up a vehicle access security network. They have high quality gloss finish, impact-resistant casing, similar dimensions to a standard light switch, and compact design (see the example in the picture).

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