T34xx scanner has automatic fault reporting via Internet

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Criminal Justice Alliance Campaign group the Criminal Justice Alliance agreed that crime had been falling in recent years but said many offences were not reported. Jon Collins, the CJA’s campaign director, said that a recent overview of crime trends was accurate, adding it was a sign “that the recession has not yet led to the predicted rise in crime. However, it exposes the futility of the current prison-building programme, which will create thousands of unaffordable new prison places at a time when crime continues to fall."

It is almost impossible for an intruder to pass themselves off as a member of staff and get inside a building which uses Access Control UK technology. When a person attempts to pass through an access point, the access control unit compares the individuals’ security profile with that of the access point. The T34xx Smart Card scanner with fingerprint reader combines the latest generation of Tensor’s smart card electronics with a fingerprint reader. It is housed in an elegant case and easy to use, with features such as LED indication of access status. Automatic fault reporting via the Internet is another attractive option.

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