Tough secure turnstiles require no routine maintenance

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£½m behind toilet Police were staggered to find £½m hidden in a toilet in chalet owned by a convicted criminal. The money was later confiscated after police produced evidence it came from drugs profits. The investigation linked Peter Wells with the chalet in Allhallows, Kent after his car was involved in a stop-and-search. Wells told officers he had won £100,000 on the Lottery, but failed to give a reasonable explanation for the rest. Wells stood trial at Maidstone Crown Court charged with money laundering, where it was revealed he was involved in a drugs supply network.

Toilet turnstiles are one of our myriad access control products. Styled in a tripod design, both single and double half height turnstiles are available allowing you to double your throughput while keeping the amount of space used by the turnstile to a minimum. Access Control UK and sister companies offer these tough devices, which require no routine maintenance and are made out of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. Features of the turnstiles include: high traffic volumes; prestige access points; and interior and exterior installations.

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