Turnstiles have option of lockable cash box to prevent unwanted access

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Access Control UK outdoor access control products improve security office or site full or half height toilet turnstiles lockable lids to prevent unwanted accessVandalism of public toilets has led to the facilities being put up for sale – that is the situation in which a North West council has found itself. One former toilet building has already been converted into a car dealership. The owner of Shallcross Vehicle Solutions in Stockport, Paul Shallcross, said setting up shop in a former toilet was ideal. He said: “It’s a compact building, so the rent, rates and heating of it are cheaper than you’d expect from anywhere else.”

Access Control UK stocks a number of outdoor access control products and systems which improve security at an office or site. Among these are turnstiles, which are available in full or half height versions, as well as options for toilet turnstiles. The toilet turnstile bodies have lockable lids to prevent unwanted access and are securely mounted to the floor plate. The coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins with a secure cash box to hold the coins.

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