Using Locks, Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles in your Access Control System

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Locks gates barriers turnstilesLocks, Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles in your Access Control System
You will also need locks that your Access Control security system can control electronically. The two main options for locking standard doors are electric strikes and magnetic locks. Electric strikes are generally cheaper and are better for free exit doors. They’re also more appropriate for standard wooden or steel doors. Magnetic locks are better for aluminium and glass store front doors, as well as for controlled exit situations and emergency exits.
Often, door hardware will include sensors that know when a door is open and can send an alarm signal if the door is opened without clearance. Systems can also sound an alarm if a security access door is propped open for a specified amount of time.
For restricting vehicle access, there are several options. Swinging or sliding gates of varied sizes can provide a secure option and can be configured to your exact specifications. Automatic bollards provide exceptional resistance to impacts, anti-intrusion locking system and fail-safe in both retracted and extended position. Barriers are a cost effective solution to control access to car parking facilities in a range of customisable options.

Access Control UK’s software and features

One of the biggest differences between competing access control systems is the computer software used to run them. The software lets you set access levels for each ID and door, view reports, and conduct audits to see who used a door at a certain time. Make sure it’s easy to understand and use: access control systems should decrease administrative headaches, not introduce new ones. Ask for a demonstration of our software and see how easy it is to add new employees, change access levels, create groups, and find detailed reports.
Our software runs on the popular Microsoft Windows operating system for compatibility with the vast majority of PC’s across the globe.
Access Control UK’s access control software is powerful enough to handle the needs of companies up to at least a thousand users. When you start needing to manage multiple shifts, several thousand employees, and hundreds of doors, you drastically increase the overall complexity. Our software runs a MSSQL database to enable many concurrent connections, keeping your data accurate, secure and up-to-date. For more on our software please contact us or contact Time and Attendance UK for a free download, CD or demonstration.

Integration and installation of your Access Control System

In addition to providing you with the right products and appropriate support, we are able to install your access control system and integrate it with any other related systems you have. There is no real standard for connectivity between access control and alarms, time and attendance, video surveillance, and HR software, so there will always be some custom work involved in creating links between these systems. However, due to our experience with access control over the past 20 years, we are prepared for this and have the knowledge to connect with the type of systems you require.
Installation can take anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, however, if you require multiple sites we are able to provide a more comprehensive planning specification for you depending on the total number of gates and doors being controlled by your system. We will install the software on your computers, set up your first users and install the locking and detection hardware. We will also include some basic training on how to manage the software, yet we also offer more comprehensive training either on-site or at our training facility based in Hail Weston, Cambridgeshire. For a basic system, an informal demonstration of how to create cards and reports should be enough, while on larger systems, you may need a more comprehensive training session.
If you are looking for a complete access control system which has been designed, manufactured and installed by a first-class access control company that have been providing access control solutions since 1991 then look no further. Contact Access Control UK today to find out more about or products, book a demonstration or informal discussion and find out how we can help achieve greater security and safety for your site and buildings.

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