Varifocal lens digital CCTV vital to business security set-up

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Michael Owen Twitter catching burglars surveillance Access Control UK business security set-up Digital CCTV Body Cameras high quality imagery varifocal lensMichael Owen’s Twitter stream last Friday night concerned an unusual topic: no, not football but catching burglars. The former England forward made his first team debut as a CCTV control room operator as he guided police to a would-be criminal outside his home. He tweeted: “Great TV tonight. Been watching some fella on my cameras for an hour weighing up what to nick!” Despite his best intentions in an escape bid, the potential thief was caught.

Digital CCTV surveillance cameras can be part of your Access Control UK business security set-up. The hardware can be obvious or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, monochrome or colour. Digital CCTV Body Cameras giving very high quality imagery are sourced by us and our partners (click on the link to find out) from all major manufacturers and can configure a system exactly to your requirements. Body cameras with Varifocal lens allow your company to choose the best lens for your needs.

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