Visitor management system registers contractors on and off site

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UK Border Agency Visitor ManagementJail time was the result of a gang’s conspiracy in setting up a fake college and immigration service. The scam involved Thames College London, which through false documents offered genuine courses of education from premises in Whitechapel, but in fact offered none. Head of the UK Border Agency’s London Immigration Crime teams, Detective Superintendent Chris Foster, said: "The amount of cash seized from here highlights the attraction that immigration crime has for criminal gangs. A financial asset stripping investigation is ongoing."

Access Control UK are leading providers of smart card and biometric systems which allow seamless interfacing to our other systems of Attendance Monitoring, Visitor Control and Personnel. A Visitor Management System (VMS) registers visitors and contractors on and off site so only those carrying genuine documents and ID will be granted access to your premises. VMS also has excellent and comprehensive reporting software to generate records of the historical movements of visitors; plus records of visitors who are late or have missed appointments, or visitors who have not booked out.

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