Visitors to a facility can be pre-booked through online Appointment Planner

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Olympic prison fraud police fraudster Gatehouse staff check ID Visitor Management System Access Control gain access facility false passes documents pre-booked online Appointment PlannerA man who took unsuspecting Olympic punters’ money up front has been put in prison. A sum of about 510,500 euro (£411,889) was estimated to be hauled in by the fraud perpetrated by Christakis Ioannou that affected parents of international athletes, police said. He offered for sale unlimited numbers of tickets for all Olympic events. He was arrested when visiting the UK, and police commented: “Ioannou was the first fraudster of this type we identified and the biggest.”

Gatehouse staff can easily check the ID of visitors using a low-cost PC Visitor Management System (VMS) from Access Control UK so that no one can gain access to your facility using false passes or documents. VMS can print different styles of pass documentation depending on the type of visitor or contractor. These can be produced in advance of a scheduled appointment or impromptu on arrival. Visitor appointments can be pre-booked either directly on the system or through the online Appointment Planner.

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