Yard turnstile governs who is allowed in through any controlled point

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police Operation Tornado stolen rogue scrap thieves breaking into a yard premises Access Control UK gates barriers smart card fingerprint scanning Full height turnstiles improved security controlled pointA police force has become the latest to adopt the national scheme Operation Tornado to fight the tide of stolen metal. West Midlands Police is joining the crackdown on rogue scrap dealers and thieves. Metal dealers throughout the region, like many others, will be asking anyone trying to sell goods for photo identification. The order comes as yet another man was handed a suspended sentence for breaking into a yard offices and carrying off with him some £60 worth of copper.

Prevent material from being taken at your yard or premises with Access Control UK devices and systems. These include gates, barriers, and turnstiles which can be added to our smart card and fingerprint scanning access control systems. Full height turnstiles offer improved security. Without compromising the safety of those who use the turnstile, speed and reliability are provided even during rush hour periods. The turnstile system gives full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of the day.

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